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Museums as tools for creating peaceful communities

E.T.C. is inspired by the historical period known as the Convivencia when, in European soil, the three monotheistic faiths co-existed in peace. In 1085, the School of Translators of Alfonso X el Sabio became the lighthouse and bridge between East and West when ancient philosophical and scientific works from Aristotle and other classics were translated, mostly by Muslim and Jewish scholars, for the first time in the history of Europe. This is an ancestral theme that continues grabbing the headlines today.  With an innovative approach to self-sustainability, this project answers the present call for redefining museums as living entities, of use to the community and for the advancement of peace.

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Synagogue Sta María la Blanca Toledo c.XIII

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Monasterio El Escorial Madrid c.XVI

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Mezquita Córdoba c.VII

About the concept

Creating a Profound and Lasting Experience

Three Cultures by Jean Paul Leon is the compendium of three art collections, each dedicated to one of the major Abrahamic religions.
Through the Museum, the Restaurant, the Hotel, and the Auditorium, with its cultural, educational and social events, E.T.C. aspires to promote a meaningful intercultural dialogue that leads to better understanding and lasting peace.

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The Museum

The Museum will house over 300 original works of art, a Guinness record number of works gathered under one roof from a single artist. The architecture and landscape will be contributing factors in creating an atmosphere that lends itself to contemplation, arouses curiosity and engages the viewer in an expansive experience that replaces judgements with information, preconceptions with questions. The Museum will also hold a space for Temporary Exhibits & a Museum Store. Description of building

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The Restaurant

Kosher – Halal – Continental cuisine. Three Kitchens / One Table. The Three Cultures Restaurant is a place where everyone can sit together to share a meal, ideas & ideals.
 Cooking classes of the three Mediterranean traditions and a Chef Internship Program, intended to give youth an alternative livelihood with a clear purpose, emphasize our aspiration to create unity in diversity through the common denominator of food.

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The Art Hotel

Original art-for-living-objects, peaceful cascading waters, selected scents, songs and sounds… all contribute to arouse sensations and emotions that will lift spirits, pamper souls and leave the visitor with a deeper knowledge and a renovated sense of peace. The Three Cultures Art Hotel is the place to overnight and be able to take full advantage of this three-day minimum cultural experience. The Hotel Boutique will distinguish itself with an exclusive line of original lady’s fashion and accessories inspired by the artwork of Three Cultures.

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The Cultural Centre

The Auditorium will hold conferences, performances, dance classes, which together with guided historical tours, will conform the program (one day per tradition) that will distinguish the Three Cultures Museum offer and substantiate its claim to truly enriching cultural tourism.
 In partnership with Universities and Museums worldwide, E.T.C. will develop through its art, educational tools that inspire understanding of self and others, for its own use as well as for the benefit of schools and other institutions invested in intercultural dialogue.

About the Artist

Jean Paul Leon, philosopher of the poetic reason, of the pictorial reason, as theologist Juan José Tamayo wrote, has dedicated 40 years of his life to harmonising, in works of art –aesthetically and ethically– the common denominators that unite the best of the menorah, the cross and the crescent moon.

“The aesthetic quality of the works is undeniable and the originality, as well as the variety of the inventions, have created both an aesthetic body and a work of meditation perhaps even conducive to contemplation and prayer”

Lizzie Boubli

The Louvre Museum

“Jean Paul Leon proposes a fascinating game that organises the myriad ties between painting and the great works of the century, and thus creates, in each visual play, a soundtrack that transports us into the heart of the artistic, intellectual and scientific history of our world”

Jack Lang

French Minister of Culture & Education

“Artists are the light of the world, they are our guides, both spiritual & wise, they are the dignity of humanity… We are immersed in a violence, imbecile, like all violence… But the light in art, as Jean Paul Leon shows us, will guide us towards intelligence”

Maître Pierre Cornette de St Cyr

Art Appraiser Paris

About the Artwork

E.T.C. unites the work of Jean Paul Leon dedicated to fostering understanding. His oeuvre is often denominated as semiotic, semantic, symbiotic and interdisciplinary. A polymorphic art form that sends different messages from diverse levels in an amalgam that combines philosophy with graphics and poetry with the most vivid of colours.

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Hebrew Heritage

Hebrew Heritage, the first part of the trilogy that conforms Three Cultures, is a tribute to a group of enlightened individuals, scattered all over the world, who have, with their work, qualitatively contributed to universal culture. The Menorah is the fil conducteur of this collection of oil paintings. This body of work was extensively exhibited in Europe and assembled in the book Heritage.

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I.N.R.I. unites 33 psychological portraits of the mythical figure, unveiling a cumulative 2000 years of the history of visual arts, with paintings also dedicated to the 4 Evangelists, the 12 Apostles, the Disciples and the Martyrs. In his preface to the book that assembles this second collection, Philip Pullman writes: These pictures represent a formidable attempt to grapple with the legacy of the most strange and enigmatic man who ever lived

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Reflections of Islam

Show forgiveness, command what is right, but turn away from the ignorant. Qur´an Verse 199. Chapter 7.
Reflections of Islam is comprised of 23 groupings of 3D objects, mirrors, reflecting surfaces & installations denoting the 23 year time span of Gabriel’s revelations to the Prophet. The total number of individual pieces correspond to the 114 chapters of the Qur’an and its 17,000 words.

Plan for self sustenance

Conceived with a plan for self-sustainability, this project aspires to improve the lives of the city’s residents and extend a welcoming hand to the rest of the world, offering a totally unique vision for a most memorable visit. Our Objectives are:

– To cultivate communication by focusing on the common roots and denominators between the Three Cultures.

– To forward understanding by partaking of a live, purposeful cultural experience.

– To inspire education that it may take the place of judgement.

Contact us for further info on our feasibility plan.

  • The Museum / Museum Shop / Temporary Exhibits / Artist Internship Program

  • The Restaurant / Café / Chef Internship Program

  • The Art Hotel / Boutique / Hammam

  • The Cultural & Conference Centre

How can I get involved

To donate to E.T.C. Foundation is to be actively engaged in an exciting cultural project with significant social repercussions. Letter of Support from the Mayor of Toledo.


Our Investors are the building blocks upon which we may construct a solid enterprise


People who share our vision and enthusiasm

H.III.C is a self-sustained project that allows our partners to secure a return on their investment while serving a higher cause. The peripheral commercial activities surrounding the cultural offer are a means of extending the art experience and expanding on the values upon which H.III.C establishes its strengths. For further info, contact us.

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Your level of expertise, excellence and quality will distinguish us. We appreciate your generous collaboration


The support of entities that can collaborate with our project is highly welcomed.

If you’re a student, docent, retired individual, or a professional who believes in the values H.III.C is promoting, and are willing to make the time to volunteer and help forward this endeavour, your contribution is extremely valuable. Do contact us.

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Intercultural dialogue today is a necessity. We will live or perish as a civilisation based on our ability to educate and inspire respect and understanding


By giving to H.III.C, your name will be associated with a distinguished art concept that is synonymous with social responsibility and awareness.

Your logo will be identified with a barrier-breaking artistic experience to help build a better future for all. It is only through mutual recognition that we can reach the understanding of a common history.

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